Glock caused the gun world to do a double take early in 2018 when it released the Glock 19X. It looks like Glock is ready to do it again with the release of the all-new Glock 45.

The G19X, Glock’s first crossover pistol, merged the G17 frame with the G19 slide; this was a civilian version of the gun they submitted for the U.S. Army trials. It was an immediate hit.

As with all things in life people were happy, but began to cry out for more. Since the introduction of the G19X there has been an increasing demand for a version of the pistol in black. Glock has listened to the calls and have now released the Glock 45.

The Glock 45 Build

Chambered in 9×19, the G45 combines the crossover feature by pairing a full-size Gen5 style frame with a standard-size slide featuring front serrations. This gun has the same general structure and Gen5 enhancements as the 19X, as well as the addition of front serrations on the slide and the removal of the half-moon cut on the frame.

The most notable Gen5 enhancements include the Glock nDLC finish. This finish is exclusive to the Glock manufacturing process. It is an ion-bonded finish that reduces corrosion and scratching. It also aids in the reliable functionality of the weapon in degreased or adverse conditions.

The Glock 45 has a very well-designed flared magwell that makes it easier to funnel the magazine and allows for quicker magazine changes.

Like its other Gen5 relatives, the finger grooves have been removed. I find this to be a solid change as it allows shooters to get a better grip on the gun.

As expected, Glock included the new Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB). It is a match-grade barrel that features a recessed target-style crown, tighter chamber specs and more aggressive rifling to deliver improved accuracy. I have run other Gen5 guns with this barrel and I can indeed tell a difference.

Lastly, they included the ambidextrous slide stop lever. This makes it easier for gun owners to quickly, safely, and comfortably manipulate the slide whether they are right or left-handed.

Glock 45 Front Slide Serrations

One of the most notable changes in the G45 is the inclusion of front slide serrations. This has been the fuel for countless forum discussions. I project a drop in forum traffic as those that spent countless hours pontificating about this point are now without something to complain about.

I found the depth and width of the serrations to be well designed. It improved my grip on the front of the gun without being too aggressive.

What’s Missing on the Glock 45?

Another notable point is what is not on the gun. Glock has removed the lanyard plug and eliminated the half-moon cut on the magwell.

It also does not include an extension of the front strap that covers the front of the 19X magwell. I am a huge fan of this change, as it allows the G45 to run all of the new Gen5 mags.

100,000 and Counting

The Glock 19X has already surpassed 100,000 guns sold; that is an astounding number and I can confidently say that I believe it will go far beyond that.

The addition of the Glock 45 will easily challenge the Glock 19X numbers. It has all of the great points in the 19X plus what I feel are solid improvements.

G45 pistols should be on dealer shelves by Oct. 5. Looks like it is time to make a run for just one more gun!

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