An 85-year-old great grandfather fended off multiple armed robbers Saturday in Ireland, foiling a heist a bookmaker’s office.

Watch the incident unfold in the CCTV footage above.

Great Grandfather Takes on Armed Robbers

The attempted robbery occurred Saturday at approximately 6:20 p.m., according to RTE News. Footage shows three men enter Bar One Racing Independent Bookmakers armed with a sawed-off shotgun and hammers.

“One jumped the counter and threatened office manager Tim Murphy, while another pointed a shotgun at 85-year old Denis O’Connor and threatened him,” RTE News reported.

It didn’t take long for both Murphy and O’Connor to fight back, with the latter leading the charge.

Video shows O’Connor grabbing one of the men with the hammers and struggling with him until the suspect runs out. Another suspect holding the shotgun points it at O’Connor, but when he doesn’t stop charging, the second suspect also flees.

Murphy fended off the third and final suspect with O’Connor giving him a few hits on the way.

RTE News reported the three suspects, though still being sought by police, left empty-handed.

Post-Armed Robbery

As for O’Connor, RTE News reported that he returned to Bar One Racing the next day.

According to RTE: “[O’Connor] is none the worse for his ordeal and spent this morning playing pitch and putt and this afternoon relaxing at home. He is not quite revelling in his new-found fame on the internet and is anxious for the publicity to blow over.”

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