Hiding your chosen home defense guns in plain sight is not only a good idea, but for some, it’s the only viable option. I’m not talking about sticking a pistol in the nightstand drawer or a coat over a rifle standing up in the corner. Being responsible for your firearms is not a task to be taken lightly. So what if there were an option where you could not just hide your firearms in plain sight, but also restrict access to only the intended users?

Tactical Walls is a company that has just the right answer for this segment of the market. This is an American owned and operated company based out of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. It uses mostly U.S.-made parts rather than importing the bulk of its materials from overseas. Even better, Tactical Walls offers “discreet storage solutions for every room” that are handcrafted, easy to install and easy to use.

Home Defense Guns: Stealth Security

Having the ability to stage weapons around your home, where you want them and when you want them, is a major benefit to one’s home security. And being able to keep them from falling into the wrong hands or away from children is a must. There are over 1.5 million burglaries in the United States every year. You never know when it will happen, or how a would-be burglar will enter you home. Having strategically placed weapons in your home is a huge factor that can tip the scales in your favor. This is where Tactical Walls really shines.

Most folks wouldn’t have any clue that full-length mirror is actually concealing a long gun, a pistol, spare ammo, a flashlight or a samurai sword. Or that there’s a pistol and a flashlight behind that kitchen chalkboard. What about that innocent-looking decorative bookshelf? Yes, that too can hold a nice battle rifle, a shotgun or a pistol depending upon the size you order. Curious to know what time it is? You can look over at your fancy Tactical Walls 1410M Clock and know that your pistol is sitting inside of it, just waiting to be used if the situation should arise.

In short, if you can imagine it, Tactical Walls either has it up on its website, or the company can probably build it for you. Some of its products require cutting drywall and recessing the unit between the studs, while others simply need to be assembled and put in your desired location.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to play with and see many of Tactical Walls’ products firsthand. You’ll be in awe when you see the selection that the company offers. This is a case of where you truly get what you are paying for. Right away, you can tell that great care and patience went into the craftsmanship of Tactical Walls’ current market offerings. Some of the company’s newer products are even tailored towards those who may be renting their residence or don’t want to permanently modify any walls.

Home Defense Guns: Portable Solutions

If you’re renting your current residence, having the ability to safely secure a firearm in plain sight without any permanent modification is a blessing. Tactical Walls offers several products just for this purpose, including coffee tables, end tables and nightstands that can all safely secure a weapon. Many of us have that one family member or “friend” who doesn’t like firearms. Some even recoil at the thought of being near a firearm. It’s always pleasurable to know that the Kryptonite they hate so much is within inches of their cup of coffee. Or perhaps that’s just my twisted sense of humor.

Tactical Walls’ coffee table is a great piece of furniture. It showed up at my doorstep in a giant box. For me, assembling furniture usually involves lots of profanity, but that wasn’t the case here. The unit came preassembled and only needed to have the legs and struts installed. The hardest part was cutting the interior foam to fit my rifle and accompanying gear. For that, I suggest watching the demonstration video found on Tactical Walls’ website. I purchased a cheap hobby razor for better control while cutting the foam.

A quick swipe of an RFID card, a gentle push upward to relieve the pressure, and the drawer drops out of a false bottom. The struts attached to the drawer help it open smoothly. The foam has a sticky back that adheres to a plastic tray, which rests on a precut piece of wood. This is so you can order a replacement piece of foam should you wish to change which weapon you secure. It’s that simple. The tables are available in five different finishes, or you can order it unfinished so you can match it to your preferred color or stain. And you can tell that they are quality made by their weight. Tactical Walls uses solid maple for its tabletops and legs.

Home Defense Guns: Tactical Surprise

I took a picture of the coffee table all closed up, then another with the security drawer open. I sent the normal, innocent-looking table picture to a few trusted friends. After waiting a few moments, I sent the picture of the coffee table with the security drawer open. The average response was “Holy s***! Where can I buy one of those?”

Access isn’t a problem, as I simply placed some Velcro on each RFID access card and placed them strategically in the same room as the table. Now anyone in my family has instant access to a long gun in a matter of seconds. If someone breaks into my home while we’re gone, my rifle should be just fine. In all of the home invasions that I’ve responded to as a law enforcement officer, I don’t recall any thieves stealing
a nondescript coffee table.

If you like these offerings from Tactical Walls, you should see some of its other stuff. Its non-locking products include a wall clock, a table lamp, a large plastic- covered rare earth magnet and a tissue box. Seriously, a tissue box! I stuck my Glock 43 in that, and it fit perfectly. Don’t expect it to fit your Dirty Harry .44 Magnum, but it will accommodate a small- to medium-sized pistol. Best yet, it still serves as a fully functioning tissue box.

If you want to get really sneaky, you can order one of the magnets that Tactical Walls offers. It screws to a wall or other object, and you simply stick the slide of your pistol to it. This is perfect for hiding a pistol under a kitchen cabinet, inside an entertainment center or under a desktop. The magnet will also work in an automobile, but you should first make sure it’s legal to do so where you live. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the product offerings from Tactical Walls.

Home Defense Guns: Solo-Vault Series

Another great option for safely storing a firearm is the Solo-Vault lineup from ShotLock. This is an American company based out of Sedro-Woolley, Washington. The Solo-Vault is designed to fit a shotgun, AR or pistol and comes with either an electronic or mechanical lock depending upon the model. Made from military-grade 14-gauge steel, the Solo-Vault features a flanged, no-pry lid with dual locking hooks. The AR Solo-Vault has nine different predrilled holes for attachment points. ShotLock states that you only need three bolts, but the company offers more holes for those who want additional security. The Solo-Vault that I tested had a five-digit combination lock that is capable of over 1,000 different combos. On a side note, the AR Solo-Vault will also work with most AK-47s. I tried it myself to confirm.

Installing the Solo-Vault was pretty straightforward. Find a stud, attach to it the wall, set and verify your combo, put the rifle inside, shut the door, twist the knob and walk away. This is also very handy in a walk-in closet. Attach it to a wall behind some hanging clothes and it becomes instantly camouflaged. Since most burglars aren’t part of the fashion police, it should go unnoticed in most cases.

Home Defense Guns: Always Within Reach

None of these products are meant to keep out a determined person. They are simply meant to keep an honest man honest. If you want more safety, get a huge 800-pound safe. If you want discreet security and the ability to have a firearm within reach, then Tactical Walls and ShotLock are some of the best options currently on the market today. Because nothing says “freedom” like watching a ball game on TV and having your rifle easily accessible under your feet.

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