While many believe that carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense is enough, experts know that training is needed. In fact, training is more important than the gun. This, of course, is why firearm training groups, such as the Sig Sauer Academy, exist. Most recently, the Sig Sauer Academy announced a new firearm training class—Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols—to its course list.

The Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols course teaches concealed-carry advocates about the issues related to carrying smaller handguns for self-defense. This includes concerns and practices of carrying concealed, selecting equipment, presentation and marksmanship fundamentals. It also includes close quarters shooting, multiple shot techniques, use of cover and one-handed operation.

However, the one-day course is not entry-level training; it requires completion of a conceal carry pistol class or equivalent to attend. As such, it teaches advanced shooters a variety of skills required in the use of smaller handguns, such as the Sig Sauer P365. In fact, a P365, along with magazines and holsters, is provided at no additional cost. Of course, attendees must provide ammunition, and any subcompact pistol, in a variety of calibers, can be used. Even better, trained instructors will evaluate and customize equipment and carry techniques.

The course is being offered in October and December at the Epping, N.H., facility for a cost of $250. However, the academy also conducts private and mobile training in specific circumstances.

Sig Sauer Academy Courses

In addition to its Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols course, the Sig Sauer Academy also offers pistol, shotgun and rifle training courses for a variety of skill levels. It even provides advanced training, as well as armorer courses, for both civilians and law enforcement. Beginner shooters receive safety and marksmanship training, and can advance through the courses to become an expert. Once the basics are completed, shooters can learn to shoot on the move, in low light and close quarters, and much more. Additionally, the academy even offers courses tailored to women and seniors.

Now regardless of where it is obtained, those wanting to carry a gun for self-defense need training. Training is just as important, if not more important, as what and how a person carries.

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