Remington V3 Compact Shotgun
(Photo by Remington)

Based off the VersaPort gas system, the Remington V3 Compact is a smaller version of one of the company’s most popular shotguns. As such, the Remington V3 Compact features a shorter length of pull for smaller shooters.

The heart of the V3 is the gas system, which is located in front of the receiver. The VersaPort gas system self-regulates gas pressure based on the length of the shell, for reliable cycling regardless of load. This allows the shotgun to handle everything from magnum 3-inch loads down to light 2 3/4 shells. The VersaPort system is even self-cleaning, meaning less time spent in maintenance. Additionally, this gas system has fewer parts, so there are fewer that must be maintained.

However, its the pointability and reliability that makes the shotgun so popular with shooters. In fact, Remington shotguns has a long history with both of these features. And the VersaPort gas system adds speed to the mix, as it provides faster cycling and less felt recoil.

The V3 Compact also features a light contour vent rib, along with twin beads for accurately swinging on target.

Of course, the V3 is in many ways a smaller version of the VersaMax, which can handle up to 3 1/2-inch magnum loads. The VersaMax is bigger, heavier and more powerful than many shooters need. It is also more expensive.

Because of this, Remington brought out the V3 to provide a lighter version with the VersaPort gas system. Then, the company introduced a synthetic model, and now the compact. So, there is a V3 shotgun available for use, regardless of the size of the shooter.

Remington V3 Compact Specs:

Model: V3 Compact
Gauge: 12; 2 3/4″ and 3″
Capacity: 3
Barrel Length: 22”
Profile: Light Contour
Barrel Finish: Black Oxide
MSRP: $915.00

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