Happy Halloween Attacker
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In a bizarre incident, a man became the year’s first Halloween attacker after stabbing two men in New Haven, Conn. Unfortunately for him, one of the men was armed.

According to New Haven Police, Sivron Strickland allegedly attacked a 27-year-old resident walking down the street outside his home. The victim claims that Strickland walked up and said “Happy Halloween” immediately before stabbing him in the elbow.

The man’s 24-year-old cousin heard the attack from his parked car, got out to see what was happening and was also attacked. However, the cousin had a concealed handgun and shot the attacker after being stabbed in the bicep. Police have not identified either victim. Police also said that the attack appears random.

“This is still unfolding as far as investigators are concerned, but the information we have so far is this is an unprovoked attack,” New Haven Police Officer David Hartman told Eye Witness News 3.

In addition to the handgun, the 24-year-old also had a concealed weapons permit. As such, police have not charged the shooter in the incident.

Awareness to Prevent Halloween Attacker

Situational awareness is the best way to avoid an attack, and could have possibly prevented these victims from being injured.

Little is known about the exact details surrounding the Halloween attacker situation, but it is best to be extra vigilant about your surroundings, especially at night. You should always be aware of who is nearby at all times of the day, whether walking down the street, sitting in a car or anywhere else.

While there are many methods to determine awareness, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper developed one of the best. His method uses four colors — white, yellow, orange and red — to explain situational awareness. Had the victims in this case been using Cooper’s Color Code, they might have noticed the Halloween attacker, determined the potential for danger and been ready to fight.

Condition White — Unaware

Those in white are completely unaware. One example is sleeping. Everyone is unaware when asleep. However, many people are always in a state of unawareness. Those absorbed in their phones while walking down the street have no idea what is going on around them. Those in condition white are unprepared to respond to any form of danger.

Condition Yellow — Relaxed Awareness

If awake, conceal-carriers should be in a constant state of condition yellow; relaxed but aware. This doesn’t mean worried or in fear. Instead, it means knowing what is happening in the general area, and gauging potential threats. Folks won’t be surprised in a situation if in condition yellow.

Condition Orange — Potential Danger

Condition orange means that there might be a danger nearby. It may be nothing, but something, or someone, looks out of place or suspicious. This might be something as simple as an unknown person in a known area, particularly at night. It could also be someone peeking around the corner or even staring too hard at you or someone else in the vicinity. In condition orange, you should be starting to make a plan of how to react if danger erupts.

Condition Red — Ready to Fight

In condition red, you should be ready to fight if needed. This doesn’t mean that you will have to fight, but are waiting and watching to see if a situation warrants physical action or tactical retreat. The number of situations where condition red might be needed are numerous. And while most cases don’t require a fight or flight response, you should always have a plan when in condition red.

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