When one conjures up images of a self-defense weapon, a handgun is usually first in mind. A bong is somewhere near the bottom of the list. But an employee at a Canadian cannabis dispensary recently used a bong to fight off three robbers wielding bear spray.

Earlier this year, Canada passed a recreational marijuana law. Since then, numerous cannabis dispensaries have popped up across the country. Robbers have also started targeting these dispensaries as as easy means to cash and drugs.

Cannabis Dispensary Robbery

The video out of Tyendinaga, Ontario, which shows multiple angles and includes sound, begins with what looks like a slow day in the cannabis dispensary. Two clerks, a man and a woman, go about their business of running a cannabis shop. Then, four men drive up in a white SUV, with three jumping out in masks and rushing into the shop with bear spray.

The female clerk sees them coming, says something to the male and the pair ducks behind the counter just before the robbers start blasting bear spray around the store.

It looks like the robbers are going to be successful until the male employee comes from behind the counter with a large bong in his hand. This frightens the robbers, who seem to be out of bear spray. They also seem to have no interest in taking on someone willing to fight back, because after some obscenities and a lot of feints, the robbers leave without their bounty.

Employee of the Year

According to Newsweek, the clerk hails from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, which might explain his bravery. The Mohawks have a proud history in Ontario, which is where the tribes traveled after supporting the British during the American Revolution. Their original home was in New York.

If the clerk is Mohawk, he certainly did the tribe proud. He obviously knew that most criminals are cowards looking for easy scores. Of course, three against one isn’t the best odds, but strength can often overcome numbers.

The clerk had the strength to stand up against criminality, despite not knowing if they had more lethal weapons than canisters of bear spray. However, it was pretty obvious that they probably didn’t, which is somewhat surprising. Sure, Canada has more restrictive gun laws than the U.S., but those laws have loosened since 2012. Besides criminals don’t typically follow gun laws anyway.

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