CleanShot 20-Gauge Shoot-Thru Bore Cleaner
(Photo by CleanShot)

After coming back from a day in the field or the range, shotguns need cleaning. And while there are lot of ways of removing fouling, CleanShot has developed one of the best with its Shoot-Thru Bore Cleaner. Now, it is available in 20 gauge, as well as 12 gauge.

First introduced in 2017, the Shoot-Thru Bore Cleaner allows shooters to clean shotguns by simply pulling the trigger. Shooters just need to load and safety fire. Then, the internal device scrubs and wipes the bore clean. This saves both time and energy, providing an easy method

“We are excited about the release of the 20-gauge CleanShot into the marketplace,” stated Curt Whitworth, Owner and Creator of Huntego CleanShot. “New product development has been a major focus for Huntego Ltd and it will continue to be an emphasis moving forward.”

The CleanShot can be purchased online, or found at most box stores and outdoor retailers. Then, use the unit in the same method as a live shell. Afterwards, all shooters have to do is wipe down the exterior, except when it is time to go into the mechanism. Of course, that should typically be conducted by a gunsmith.

CleanShot 20-Gauge Shoot-Thru Bore Cleaner

  • Developed for both smooth and rifled bores – 100% gun barrel safe
  • Efficiently cleans your shotgun in an instant
  • Helps preserve gun value and performance
  • Saves time, money and hassle over traditional cleaning methods
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP: $8.99

For more information about the CleanShot 20-Gauge Shoot-Thru Bore Cleaner, please visit

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