Connecticut Father Fires Warning Shots
(Photo by Paul Rackley)

Last Friday, a Connecticut father protected his daughter from a man with a history of mental issues. According to News 8, Bloomfield police responded to a call about gun shots in the area around 1:15 p.m. Once they arrived, police learned that the father had fired two shots from a .44 caliber handgun to warn off an aggressor.

Allegedly, Michael Ferrigon approached a 30-year-old female in her car. After opening the door and climbing in, Ferrigon told the woman that he loved her, wanted to have sex with her and marry her. She claims that she tried to get out, but Ferrigon allegedly grabbed her wrist. That’s when she started hitting her car horn for help.

Family members came out of the house to see what was happening. She broke away, but Ferrigon followed, so her father confronted him.

During the fight, the father yelled for his wife to get his gun. She returned and handed over the handgun, which is when the father fired two shots in the air. The shots ended the confrontation and Ferrigon left. However, since the participants were neighbors, police found Ferrigon in his driveway just a few hundred yards away.

Police claim that Ferrigon didn’t comply with officer order until displaying a taser, at which point he was taken into custody. Ferrigon is being charged with sexual assault and disorderly conduct. The Connecticut State’s Attorney Office did not advice charging the Connecticut father.

Connecticut Father Shouldn’t Fire Warning Shots

In this incident of a good guy with a gun, shots were fired. However, they were fired into the air as warning shots. Many people believe that warning shots are a good thing to do, as they can end an attack without physical harm. In this case, that was absolutely true. Of course, there was the chance that the bullets could have come down and either damaged property or hurt someone. Sure, the chances are slim, but it is a possibility.

Every single bullet that exits a gun is the shooter’s responsibility. This is why shooters must know their target and what’s beyond the target. If fact, this is one of the four main gun safety rules.

Firearm experts do not recommend firing warning shots to stop an attack. They do this for many reasons, including preventing innocents from being hurt. Thankfully, everything worked out in this case, but the father should really obtain some training, as should anyone who believes in warning shots.

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