A lot of folks get upset with the media, but this is taking it a bit far. On Monday, video surveillance caught George Odemns kicking out the doors of Fox 5 in Washington D.C. A female security guard shot Odemns for his efforts.

Video shows Odemns kicking out the glass of the first door before climbing under the hand rail. He then proceeds to kick out the second door and enter the building. It was at that point, according to Fox 5 News, that Odemns approached the desk station and was confronted by two guards.

One guard claims that she and the other guard ordered Odemns to stop and backup. When he refused, she says she sprayed him with mace. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, so the other female security guard fired one shot, hitting the suspect in the chest.

“He thought we were females and it wasn’t going to get handled. … But it did,” the security guard told Fox 5.

Police responded a little after 3 p.m. to a report of a suspect shot by an armed security guard. Odemns motive for breaking in is unknown, but police suspect he may have mental issues. Emergency personnel transport Odemns to George Washington University Hospital in critical, but stable condition. Police charged him with second degree burglary.

Female Security Guard Tools & Equalizers

While there are exceptions, in general, females have less physical strength than males. This, of course, is why guns are so important for self-defense. For most people, guns are equalizers. This is especially true for some of the lessor able individuals in society, such as those who are smaller, elder or have disabilities. Sure, mace, tasers and other non-lethal options can be used, but a firearm is the most powerful, particularly against those who are truly motivated.

Case in point is that one of the security guards blasted the suspect with mace. It didn’t stop him. However, the bullet stopped the attack, which is the point of using a gun in self-defense. Don’t shoot to wound and don’t shoot to kill. Shoot to stop the attack.

Of particular note is this happened in Washington D.C., an area known for its less than gun-friendly laws. Of course, after Heller, D.C. residents can technically own firearms, but it is difficult, intrusive and all firearms must be registered. Can’t help but wonder if this female security guard protects her home with a gun, or only those with power and influence, such as politicians and media.

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