HK VP9-B 9mm Pistol
(Photo by Heckler & Koch)

Shooters like Heckler & Koch pistols because of the manufacturer’s designs and reliability. However, Americans have issues with some of the company’s European-style controls. With the introduction of the HK VP9-B 9mm Pistol, the company is fitting American shooting styles.

HK claims that “touchpoints between the shooter and the firearm are critical to consistent, repeatable, performance.” And regardless of build or shooting style, the “VP series just fits.”

Now, shooters can choose between an European-style ambidextrous paddle mag release or the new U.S.-style reversible button. This means that HK listened and released a pistol with controls more familiar to American shooters; more liked as well.

Of course, this new version keeps the VP trigger, which provides a short, light take-up and a short positive reset. HK claims that the break is similar to a single-action pistol, providing less noticeable pre-travel trigger pull.

Additionally, the VP9-B comes with three backstraps and six side panels for customizing the grip. This offers 27 different configurations to fit any hand. Even better, the VP9-B comes with slide releases on both sides, and the push-button mag release is reversible for both right- and left-hand shooters.

HK also included its patented charging supports, which provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide. This makes operating the slide easier for shooters with less hand strength. Also, the VP9 comes with a proprietary captive flat recoil spring that reduces recoil.

More so, the VP9 features a molded Picatinny rail in the polymer frame and HK’s hostile environment finish to protect against corrosion and wear. Finally, the VP9-B uses the same magazines as the VP9. In fact, the main difference between the pistols is a magazine release button in a place preferred by American shooters. Of course, those who prefer the paddle release still have their choice.

HK VP9-B 9mm Pistol

  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Barrel Length: 4.09″
  • Overall Length: 7.34″
  • Width: 1.32″
  • Height: 5.41″
  • Weight: 26.56 ozs.
  • Trigger Pull: 5.4 lbs.
  • Safety: Firing pin block, trigger latch
  • Sight: Three-dot, non-radioactive luminous
  • MSRP: $719

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