Earlier this year, Kaitlin Bennett made headlines by tweeting a photo of herself carrying an AR-10 rifle on the campus of Kent State. In the photo, Bennett was also carrying a graduation cap with the words “Come and take it.”

The recent college graduate made headlines again by organizing an open carry march on the campus. However, march participants clashed with counter-demonstrators, resulting in four arrests for disorderly conduct.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, Bennett planned the open carry march as a low-key event to inform students of their rights.

“I don’t think they are respecting the law by trying to restrict our right to carry,” said Bennett during the open carry march. “When we wanted to do the rally they said we couldn’t have guns on the outside public land, which I don’t even consider that lawful, and I don’t know how any police department can uphold that and I think that’s ridiculous and disgusting.”

However, Kent State asked for $14,000 to reimburse the school for security. In fact, Bennett blamed the university for the need for police at the event.

According to Kent State President Dr. Beverly Warren, the school didn’t endorse either group of protestors. However, she also refused to apologize for the large police presence.

“We are open to all who want to come here to express their views but we will always do everything necessary to safeguard our university community and those who visit us,” said Warren.

Kent State police received support from Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers from a variety of posts, including Columbus and Toledo. Supporters from both sides also travelled from afar.

Despite the confrontation of the protests, no one was seriously injured, nor was any school property damaged. Additionally, Bennett claims she would be back to support campus gun rights.

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