It’s not paranoia if someone is out to get you, but sometimes it is just paranoia. Edwin Smith has set up several booby traps on his property, but unfortunately, one of the them got the North Carolina man shot.

According to WPTV, Smith called 911 around 11:30 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 15. During the call, Smith told dispatchers that he had set off a booby trap, rigged with a shotgun, on his own property. However, the worst part is that Smith set off the trap because he was going out to feed squirrels.

Police released the 911 tape, in which Smith tells the dispatcher that he was going to die because “… [expletive] squirrels did me in.” However, Smith did not die.

While the shotgun blast hit him in his right arm — Smith says “I blew my arm off” — a deputy arrived and applied a tactical tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Emergency personnel transported Smith to the local hospital, but have not provided updates on his condition.

North Carolina Man — Probably Paranoia

It would be great to call this fake news; anti-gunners trying to make gun owners look bad. However, its not. This is a real story that happened this week. A booby trapped shotgun, set up by Smith, went off as he was opening his own back door to feed some squirrels. Even worse, he told police that it was one of several set around the property.

Now maybe Smith lived in a really bad area. In fact, Smith has a sign up telling people to stay off his property in no uncertain terms; the sign specifically mentions drug users and others conducting criminal activity. It doesn’t mention booby traps, but it is pretty obvious that care needed to be taken when entering that property.

Two things that really stand out about this incident. One, there is no mention of talking to neighbors about the man. Two, Smith was extremely calm while discussing his injuries with the dispatcher. Of course, there is no doubt that he was in shock. During that kind of injury, the body naturally moves to protect itself.

Now while booby traps might be a way to protect one’s property, its not the best method. Instead, obtain a gun, or a few guns, and learn how to properly use those guns, particularly via training. Then, get an alarm system, set up good outdoor lighting and stay aware. It can be difficult to remember where and how booby traps are set up. This North Carolina man just confirmed that theory.

North Carolina Man's Sign

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