I have been in the tactical training industry since 2005 and have seen an unnecessary evolution of tactical gimmicks. I refer to these acts of buffoonery as “range theatrics.” Some of this ass-clownery is in the verbiage, and some is in action.

Developing Range Theatrics

On the verbiage front, the phrase “train like you fight” has become an overused and misunderstood axiom. Does it mean that we must train in full combat gear all the time? Does it mean that we have to train until we drop? The answer is no. It has nothing to do with how much black Velcro and MultiCam you strap onto your person.

The term comes from athletics of yore: “Practice like you play.”

Instead of practicing on half of the court, practice on the full court, for example. So, by that rule, if you want to ensure that your combat chassis is more effective and capable, do you work out in full kit? If not, then why do it? By that same logic, if your objective to marksmanship training is to dissuade a home invasion at night, shouldn’t you be training in your boxer shorts?

Watch the video above for more on range theatrics you should avoid.

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