For the past two years, the Remington 870 Tac-14 brought Remington a great deal of success, and let’s face it, it makes you feel tougher than you are each time you utilize the pump action and chamber a new round. However, the new Remington V3 Tac-13, built on the manufacturer’s semi-auto V3 platform, helps you bring the pain to any home invader much more rapidly and repeatedly if you feel it necessary.

Why “13”? That represents the barrel length. Why is that important? Because, like the Tac-14, it is very much NFA compliant.

Hip Shot

Approaching any shotgun that requires me to shoot it from the hip automatically elicits feelings of potential inadequacy. Will it blow my wrist into oblivion? Will I make an ass of myself by not being able to handle it?

If you don’t have a lot of experience with pistol-gripped shotguns, the Remington reps helped break it down at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Missoula, Mont.

Obviously, the Tac-13 is not meant to be brought to your eye, even though that is instinctual when you pick up a shotgun. The best and most effective way of making this work for you is to hold it low and near your hip (NOT against your hip—you might lose your hip that way) when firing. You may not qualify as “expert” when it comes to accuracy, but luckily that isn’t exactly a requirement with a shotgun in close-quarter engagements.

I was apprehensive about my own ability and comfortability with this particular model. However, thanks to Remington’s design and a great deal of thought that went into creating the Tac-13, I handled it and it did not handle me.

Remington V3 Tac-13 Testing

With the assistance of the ergonomic bird’s-head-style Shockwave pistol grip, I experienced zero slippage. The recoil was also a lot lighter than I originally expected. This combination helped me to maintain control and consistency after each shot.

A hand strap that you can adjust to fit you is also attached to the forend for less movement and better overall handling. You won’t find this on the Remington Tac-14 model.

The total length of the Tac-13 is 26.5 inches. Again, the 13-inch, light-contour barrel is NFA compliant, making the gun easy to transport and carry.

In sticking with the V3 theme, this 12-gauge firearm uses Remington’s patented Versaport gas system for less recoil, whether you’re using high-powered buckshot or birdshot. The reliability of feeding and painless handling will give you the assurance you need when making this your primary home-defense weapon.

Whether you’re big and burly, or your 13-year-old is home alone babysitting the kids, when it comes to the ultimate form of home protection, the Tac-13 is an equal opportunist.

You also don’t need to be bathing in Benjamins to afford this quality and innovation. The Tac-13’s MSRP starts at $915. For even more info, please visit

Remington V3 Tac-13 Specs

  • Gauge/Bore: 12 gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Barrel Length: 13 inches
  • Barrel Type: Cylinder Bore Barrel
  • Sights: Bead Sight
  • Receiver Finish: Black Oxide
  • Overall Length: 26.5″
  • MSRP: $915

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