RISE Armament 300LE
(Photo by RISE Armament)

Shooters interested in an out-of-the-box workhorse should consider looking at the RISE Armament 300LE AR-15 rifle.

Motivated by the 2016 Dallas police ambush, RISE designed, with input from police and firearm experts, a powerful but affordable rifle to ensure that no police officer is ever outgunned by a criminal.

“It’s important to us for officers to be equipped with high-quality, high-performance rifles that are affordable,” said Matt Torres, president of RISE Armament. “They’re putting their lives on the line for us every day, and it’s our duty to use our talents as engineers and machinists to give them the best products possible.”

To start, RISE Armament chambered the 300LE in .223 Wylde. As such, .the 300LE can handle and is accurate with both .223 Rem. and 5.56 ammunition. The company also used a CB-160 match-grade barrel for accuracy and weight reduction. The stainless steel barrel shoots sub MOA with most factory ammo, according to RISE.

The 300LE features a Magpul pistol grip, CTR stock, single-stack trigger and ambidextrous safety. It also comes with a black nitride-coated bolt carrier group for smoother shooting, as well as a mid-length gas system for recoil management.

Additionally, RISE developed a flash hider specifically for the 300LE. This advanced flash hider reduces shot flash and minimizes the ring that is common with flash hiders. Finally, RISE backs the 300LE with its lifetime manufacturing warranty, making this a deal for civilians and law enforcement alike.

RISE Armament specializes in the design and manufacturing of ARs, receivers, triggers, barrels, compensators and more for civilian, military, and law enforcement.

RISE Armament 300LE

  • .223 Wylde
  • Advanced flash hider
  • CB-160 match-grade barrel
  • LE Handguard
  • Forged upper and lower receiver
  • LE145 Tactical Trigger
  • Black nitride-coated bolt carrier group
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Magpul pistol grip and CTR stock

For more information about the RISE Armament 300LE, please visit risearmament.com.

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