South Carolina Homeowner Shoots at Burglar
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A South Carolina homeowner “heard a disturbance” a little before 8 a.m. on Oct. 2. When he went to investigate he found a man inside his home. The homeowner grabbed a firearm and fired three rounds. Unfortunately, the homeowner missed all three times. However, the shots still sent the robber packing.

According to The Times and Democrat, the homeowner called the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office and reported the break in. Deputies quickly arrived and began searching the area for the suspect. Luckily, the homeowner provided a very detailed description of the intruder. The deputies found him hiding in a vehicle about 500 yards from the home. Of course, he tried to flee again, but deputies placed him under arrest.

Michael Rowe, 37, of Cope, has been charged with burglary and breaking and entering into an automobile. Deputies transported Rowe to the Orangeburg County Detention Center. Rowe, who was not injured, faces up to 15 years on the burglary charge. Police are still investigating. Additionally, Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell did have much sympathy for the accused, according to The State.

“This individual is lucky to be in jail,” Ravenell said. “He could have been in the care of the county coroner’s office.”

South Carolina Homeowner Analysis

Now it is easy to second guess actions, particularly in self-defense situations. However, this case is a stark example of why gun owners need to obtain training. Simply owning a gun is not enough. Folks have to know how to use that gun, especially when the heart is pumping with adrenaline.

Additionally, people need to make sure that their homes are not easy targets for criminals. While some methods of home hardening can be expensive, there are many simple ways to make a home less inviting. This includes making sure doors and windows are locked, and providing adequate lighting on the grounds. Additionally, dogs are an excellent determent for criminals.

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