Venture Gear Tactical Howitzer Glasses
(Photo by Pyramex)

Named after the legendary cannon that’s protected U.S. military in battle for years, the Venture Gear Tactical Howitzer glasses are stylish and ballistic rated. Built to resemble sunglasses, Howitzers, from Pyramex Safety, protect eyes from both impact and the sun. And they do it while looking good.

The frames are made of ballistic nylon and feature an injected temple and a custom-fit rubber nose piece to keep them in place. They are also available in two choices of frame color — black or tan. Additionally, users can choose among three lens colors, all of which feature Pyramex’s proprietary H2MAX Anti-Fog protection.

The clear lens, good for indoors or night, block 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays, allowing for 96-percent light transmission. They block 9- percent of blue light and 18-percent of infrared light.

The Sandstone Bronze lens also block 99.9 percent of UV rays, as well as 87-percent of blue light and 55-percent of Infrared rays. However, they also allow 23 percent light transmission, making them the preferred choice for mornings, evening and cloudy days.

Of course, the Forest Gray lens are the ballistic sunglasses of the bunch. Obviously, they block 99.9 percent of UV light. They also block 94- percent of blue light and 65-percent of Infrared. Additionally, they allow a 10-percent light transmission for optimal vision on bright, sunny days. In fact, these lens provide a distortion-free field of view when it is needed most.

Now everyone knows that eye and ear protection is required at the range. But safety gear can be just as important out in the world. Ballistic-rated sunglasses, such as the Howitzer, protect eyes from way more than just debris. And no one needs to know that they are shooting glasses.

Venture Gear Tactical Howitzer Glasses

  • Frames: Ballistic nylon
  • Frame Color: Black or Tan
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate
  • Lenses Rating: MIL-PRF 32432
  • Lens Colors: Clear, Sandstone Bronze and Forest Gray
  • UV Rating: 99%
  • MSRP: $28.95

For more information about the Venture Gear Tactical Howitzer glasses, or other safety equipment from Pyramex, please visit

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