Viridian V Series Long-Range Illuminators
(Photo by Viridian)

Whether snipping coyotes or clearing house, shooters need to be able to see their targets. The Viridian V Series Long-Range Illuminators provide ample light in any dark situation.

Available later this fall, Viridian has introduced two models in its V Series line — the V210 with manual zoom and the V310 motorized zoom.

“We’re excited to give customers this new series of long-range illuminators for the hunting season and beyond,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “Both models are designed to increase visibility in darkness with 1,000 lumens of brilliant LED light in green, red, white or infrared options.”

The V Series Long-Range Illuminators deploy high-intensity, next-generation LED technology to throw brilliant light far downrange. Shooters can use the white light to blind attackers or just see targets in the dark. However, the green and red lights reveal targets without destroying night vision. More so, the infrared paints targets in total darkness, providing an edge in a fight.

According to Viridian, the company used pure LED-generated color, making the lights up to 70-percent more effective. As such, the lights provide a sharp, smooth spot with no rings, blurs or halos. In addition to slightly more power, the V310 features a silent internal motor to zoom light where it’s directed. The lights are also impact resistant and waterproof, with three light modes.

Viridian V Series Long-Range Illuminators

  • Range: 200 meters high, 125 meters medium (V310 200 meters), 75 meters low (V310 100 meters)
  • Lumens: 1,000 high, 500 medium, 150 low
  • Run Time: 5 hours high, 13 hours medium, 35 hours low (V310 40 hours)
  • Light Color: White, red, green, infrared
  • MSRP: $179 ($229 for V310)

For more information about the Viridian V Series Long-Range Illuminators, please visit, or watch the video below.

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