After shooting at a 16-year-old in a car, an alleged Washington carjacker rushed into a Tumwater Walmart to get more ammunition. It eventually ended with two concealed carriers taking the suspect down.

Recently released video shows Tim Day shooting through the front windshield of the car Danner Barton was driving. The shot nicked Barton’s thumb.

Shortly later, surveillance video shows Day running through a Walmart, pushing bystanders aside. Day rushes to the outdoor section, where he is seen shooting at the locked ammunition case and stealing ammunition. After reloading his handgun, Day then runs out of the store, pointing his gun at customers. However, Day didn’t shoot anyone in the store. Instead, Day runs outside and tries to carjack multiple vehicles. According to King 5 News, police claim Day was responsible for several carjacking on June 17, the day of the incident.

Armed Citizen Kills Washington Carjacker

While Day showed obvious disregard for both the lives and laws of man, two armed citizens proved, once again, that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Immediately after Day left the store, he continued his spree. He eventually shot and wounded one of the victims whose car he was trying to steal. That’s when two men confronted Day in the parking lot with their own handguns. During the confrontation, one of the men shot and killed Day.

While the armed citizen did not want to be identified, police said that the 47-year-old from Oakville was a pastor, medic and volunteer firefighter. Police also said that Day had a history of crimes involving drugs and weapons, and that they believed Day was high on the day of the incidents and had mental issues.

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