Stupid shooter

While ignorance might be bliss, stupidity knows no bounds, as shown when a range officer stopped a stupid shooter from possibly killing someone. Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

It’s hard to believe that someone with any gun experience could be this dumb. One can only assume the man in the video had zero firearms experience. However, even lack of experience is no excuse for the shear stupidity exhibited by pointing a handgun at another’s head simply for a photo.

Firearms are tools with deadly potential, both for good and evil. And while accidental firearm deaths have steadily dropped, according to the National Safety Council, even one is too many. Particularly since they are preventable by following gun safety rules.

Breaking Down the Actions of this Stupid Shooter

From the beginning of the video to its end, this stupid shooter exhibits extreme carelessness. To start, the man breaks rule No. 1 — “Treat every gun as if it was loaded.” Walking up to the bench, the man has no idea the condition of the handgun. However, he still swings it around as if it were a toy. Even knowing the gun was unloaded does not excuse pointing it at another human being in this manner.

Second, he breaks rule No. 2 — “Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy” — by pointing the gun at his hand. Additionally, he points the gun down the line where other shooters are standing. This endangers both himself and innocents.

And if that isn’t enough, he then aims the gun at the temple of the man standing next to him in the booth.

Even worse, the man had his finger on the trigger the entire time, breaking rule No. 3: “Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.” While all firearms come with safeties, the most important safety is the trigger finger.

Finally, this stupid shooter broke rule No. 4 — “Know your target and what’s beyond it” — by having no idea where the bullet would end up if the gun had fired. Again, this is evident throughout the video.

In total, at least three lives could have ended with his actions.

While everyone has Second Amendment rights according to the Constitution, some do not deserve access to firearms. Case in point, the man in the following video.

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