Around 6 a.m., Ashley Jones of South Carolina heard strange noises on her front porch. Then, a man started beating on her down demanding to be let in. That’s when the Anderson County woman dialed 911 and grabbed her gun.

Video surveillance shows a man, accompanied by a woman, knocking on Jones’ door. According to Jones, the man claimed that it was his house, and that he wasn’t going to hurt her. Jones told WSPA News 7 that she grabbed her gun and called out, “I have a gun. I will shoot you. Do not come in my house.”

Jones, whose three children were asleep in the house, says the man then tried to gain access through the back door. However, he discovered that door locked as well. So, he returned to the front door and kicked it in and tried walking inside. That’s when Jones fired one shot, hitting him in the shoulder, as it looks in the video.

The suspect then attempted to flee, but Anderson County Deputies arrived and took him into custody. His injuries are not life threatening.

“Any mother is going to protect her kid any way she can. And that’s what I did,” Jones said to WSPA News 7.

She also told the news group that she had never met either the man or the woman.

Anderson County Woman Did Well

In this case, a good woman with a gun stopped a bad man, and another woman. Of course, the woman didn’t get shot. Jones did everything correct. She heard suspicious noises and called the police. She then obtained her handgun and defended her home and family. Additionally, Jones waited until she had no other option before firing.

South Carolina has both a castle law and a stand your ground law. Because of this, she is completely justified in pulling the trigger. However, it is obvious that she would have preferred that the couple just left her alone. She is also thankful that she had decided to obtain a firearm a few months prior. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t.

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