An armed bystander used his legally concealed handgun to stop a stabbing suspect at the Seattle Center in Washington.

According to Q13 Fox, last Friday, Scott Brown was meeting a friend on his day off. Then, he heard a commotion and looked around to see a woman lying in another’s lap on the ground. As others rushed to the victim, Brown focused on the attacker. Brown chased after and confronted the suspect, who has been identified as David Lee Morris. Luckily, Brown was carrying concealed.

“I saw the knife in his right hand, so I ran after him,” said Brown. “I kept getting him to try and put down the knife. We kept walking backwards and backwards and backwards.”

According to Brown, Morris tried to convince him to shoot, claiming that he had killed the only person he had ever loved. However, Brown simply kept his gun trained on the suspect, waiting for help to arrive. The video shows Morris advancing and Brown retreating.

Eventually, another bystander pepper sprayed Morris before police arrived on scene and placed him in custody. Police claim that Morris was in a domestic relationship with the victim, who was identified as Gabrielle Maria Garcia. Garcia was at the location with the couple’s young son. She ended up dying from her injuries, so a King County Superior Court judge order Morris help on first-degree murder charges.

Armed Bystander: Well Handled

Brown has a good head on his shoulders. When others handled the victim, Brown went after the attacker. And he was able to keep him from getting away or attacking other innocents. Brown also kept his cool while confronting a man with a knife. He probably would have been completely justified in pulling the trigger. However, Brown, like most legal gun owners, didn’t want to shoot anybody. He just wanted the man arrested by police.

The video shows how well Brown handled the situation. However, it also shows the stupidity or lack of understanding of other bystanders. People are walking around as if there aren’t two armed men in a confrontation. Brown was yelling for Morris to drop the knife. The older couple doesn’t even seem to notice the situation at all and simply strolls by.

Another issue is that it seemed to take a while for Brown to receive help. So much time, in fact, that Brown mentioned it to Q13 Fox. Of course, seconds can seem like minutes in a situation, but this could be another testament to how the world keeps changing. Could Brown have been the only armed bystander in the area?

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