A while back, Bulletproof Everyone produced a video showing its CEO shooting himself with a 9mm handgun. The video practically went viral. Now, the company has introduced a video showing the benefits of a child size Bulletproof Everyone jacket.

While mostly considered an ad for its products, the video also shows Dallas Jolley a child size Bulletproof Everyone jacket insert. In fact, Jolley uses two different firearms to show the effectiveness of his product. From one gun he fires two rounds of 9mm, while the other two rounds come from a .44 Magnum.

Then, Jolley shows how none of the rounds penetrated the ballistic panel used in the jacket. The panels stopped both rounds of 9mm at the second of 13 layers of Kevlar. The .44 Magnum round penetrated much further, but still didn’t reach the gelatin used to simulate a body.

Of course, being shot while wearing a bulletproof jacket will probably result in internal injuries. Even Kevlar can’t stop the concussive force of a bullet hitting a body. However, it can, and does, stop a bullet from entering the body. This provides ballistic protection in the event of being shot, whether at school or on the street.

Even better, Bulletproof Everyone makes jackets for every member of the family. While it is sad that these products are necessary, they are a great tool for protection.

Child Size Bulletproof Everyone Jacket

  • Protection against .22LR, .380, 9MM, .40, .45, .357 and 44 Magnum. Bird, Buck and 12G Slug resistant.
  • Slash and Spike resistant
  • Lightweight – Most designs and sizes are under 2lbs
  • 100 percent Kevlar XP
  • Complete torso protection. Not just front and back rectangles like many other products
  • 100% Polyester poplin panel outer for incredible skin to panel feel
  • 600D Coated Nylon inner cover for complete water and UV resistance
  • 5-year warranty on ballistic panels
  • 30-day size exchange program
  • MSRP: $319

For more information about the Child Size Bulletproof Everyone Jacket, please visit

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