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For years, anti-gun groups have claimed that eliminating firearms would prevent gun violence, particularly mass shootings. Because of this belief, they have fought every expansion of concealed-carry laws. However, the Crime Prevention Research Center has issued a study showing that most mass shootings happen in a gun-free zone. The study found that 97.8 percent of mass shootings happen in places where civilians cannot carry a gun for self-defense.

The CPRC studied every mass shooting from 1950 to May of 2018, using the FBI definition of a mass shooting. The FBI requires mass shootings to happen in public places and not during the commission of another crime. From 1980 to 2013, mass shootings also had to include four or more deaths. The FBI changed the definition to three or more deaths in 2013. However, most researchers still use the higher definition.

The idea is that gang or drug violence should not be included, nor should shootings that happen at homes. Shootings over turf, drugs or other related subjects are much different than shootings that happen at malls or schools. Additionally, if attacking a home, a shooter is more likely to know whether a gun is present. The definition covers attacks in areas where it is unknown whether or not someone is carrying a concealed handgun. This covers a wide variety of locations, from banks to shopping centers, including many that are a gun-free zone.

Problems With a Gun-Free Zone

Now 1950 was a long time ago. In fact, some consider this before the advent of mass shootings. So, the CPRC condensed the time frame to shootings between January 1998 and December 2015. Still, the CPRC found that 96.2 percent of all mass shootings happened in a gun-free zone.

That is the problem with anti-gunner logic. Outside of the shooter, no one is carrying a gun where most shootings happen. So, if they were correct about fewer guns equaling less gun violence, then mass shootings wouldn’t take place in gun-free zones. The logic is simple. If fewer guns actually equal less violence, then there wouldn’t be any shootings in areas that ban guns. Also, areas where people carry guns regularly would have extremely high violence rates. And despite the truth of the saying being turned into an Internet meme, there would be a shooting at every gun show across America.

Criminals do not follow laws. And those who have hate in their hearts will find a way to hurt others. Is it really that hard to understand that laws that restrict freedoms do nothing to affect those who don’t follow laws?

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