Firefield BattleTek Sights
(Photo by Firefield)

When lasers first came out, many shooters considered them cool, but unnecessary. They were simply a novelty that costed quite a bit of money. Today; however, lasers have become a part of the shooting world, with most owners have at least one attached to gun. Additionally, many lasers now come included with gun lights, such as the Firefield BattleTek Sights.

Designed for quick target acquisition, these lights and lasers provide fast accuracy, whether during training or in a situation. They can also deliver blinding light onto targets, if needed. The Firefield BattleTek Sights feature a compact design. The company crafts them from ABS material to be light but durable. This oil-based plastic is made to last.

The BattleTek Sights can be mounted to both Weaver and Picatinny rails. So basically, this means that any railed firearm can be used. The laser models also feature a 5mw laser, which is the most powerful laser legally allowed. As such, the lasers provide up to 50 yards of visibility, according to Firefield. Additionally, the sights feature an ambidextrous digital switch, which provides both left- and right-handed shooters easy access.

Now the five models available contain slightly different features, which allows shooters to find a BattleTek to suit their needs. This even includes whether shooters prefer a red or green laser, or even an IR version. Shooters can also choose whether or not they want a light included.

In any case, the BattleTek Sights continue to prove why Firefield’s motto is “Forged in Victory.”

Firefield BattleTek Sights

Three versions of the BattleTek sights feature a weapon light. The first comes with a flashlight with both green and IR lasers. Another comes with just the light and green laser. Then, shooters can decide if they just want only a laser, either red or green. Finally, Firefield produces a simple flashlight model for those who still prefer going sans laser.

Whether wanting a combo or a single, shooters will soon be able to add a lightweight laser/light accessory to any gun.

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