On Saturday, Benjamin Seadorf heard “blood-curdling” screams outside his home. So, the Kansas City gun owner ran outside with his 9mm handgun. He discovered the screams were coming from a woman under attack inside a car.

“She definitely was in fear of her life,” Seadorf said to Fox 4. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs, profusely bawling. She just kept screaming, ‘Help me! Help! Somebody, please help me!’ over and over again.”

Seadorf ran to the intersection of 12th Street and Van Brunt Boulevard. That’s were he allegedly found Alarick Williams beating the mother of his three kids, who were also in the car. Security video caught leaving his home with his gun.

Supposedly, Williams attacked the victim because she wanted him to drop her off at her cousin’s house. She exited the car, so Williams forced her back into the car, where he started beating her. He also allegedly strangled her until she lost consciousness.

Kansas City Gun Owner is Only One to Step Up

Seadorf claims that when he approached the car, the victim was practically naked. While grabbing at her, Williams had ripped off her shirt, partly removed her bra and yanked down her pants.

Seadorf aimed his handgun at Williams, ordering him to get out of the car and on the ground. Williams complied and Seadorf held him there until police arrived and placed Williams under arrest. Police charged Williams with two counts of domestic assault.

However, the thing that surprised Seadorf the most about the incident was that he was the only one who intervened. No one else tried to help the woman, despite the fact she was obviously in danger.

“I really feel that if she had left here, something worse would’ve happened, and not one single person in that intersection tried to help,” Seadorf said.

Now Seadorf handled this situation well. He heard an issue and decided he needed to step in. Additionally, he used authority and confidence to hold the suspect until police arrived. He also remembered to call the police — a very important step.

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