SureFire Stiletto
(Photo by SureFire)

Rechargeable flashlights keep growing in popularity, with the latest being the SureFire Stiletto.

SureFire designed the Stiletto to be slim and light weight. This allows it to be easily carried all day, without getting in the way. However, despite its size and weight, the Stiletto blasts out 650 lumens on high. This is more than enough light to blind attackers and identify targets out to self-defense distances.

The Stiletto also features a mid range output, as well as a low output — 250 and 5 lumens, respectively. It also features two activation switches. SureFire made the primary switch programable for all three lumen levels. However, the tactical switch on the rear of the light activates the 650 lumen high output only. It also has an optional high-frequency strobe for confusing attackers.

SureFire powered the Stiletto with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Additionally, the flashlight includes a LED fuel gauge for knowing how much power is left. The company used a polymer battery because it is environmentally friendly and reduces operation costs.

The company also used high-performance LEDs and MaxVision Beam reflectors to project a wide beam, which provides situational awareness. Simply seeing the target isn’t enough. Users need to be able to see surrounding areas as well.

The Stiletto keeps itself accessible and secure via a heavy-duty pocket clip. Also, its Mil-Spec, hard-anodized aluminum head assembly provides durability and corrosion resistance. Also, its lightweight polymer body passes IPX7 water testing to one meter for 30 minutes.

In any case, the Stiletto provides an edge when the threat of darkness looms.

SureFire Stiletto

  • Output: 650 lumens (high); 250 lumens (medium); 5 lumens (low)
  • Runtime: 1.75 hours (high); 2 hours (medium); 30 hours (low)
  • Bezel Diameter: .8″
  • Length: 4.45″
  • Weight: 2.8 ozs. with batteries
  • MSRP: $109

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