Versacarry Decree Holster
(Photo by Versacarry)

Shooters best know Versacarry for its Zerobulk holster. However, the company builds numerous other styles, with their newest being the Versacarry Decree holster.

Versacarry calls the Decree its finest leather holster line yet. The company crafts this outside-the-waistband holster from premium water buffalo, As such, the Decree is both beautiful and functional.

The Decree features a double layer raised upper backing for comfort and protection. It also comes with reinforced triple layering around the belt loops. Its carbon fiber inlay, in-between the front pouch, acts as re-enforcement to keep the holster from collapsing. This allows easy re-holstering. Additionally, the Decree does this without the inlay touching the handgun. The Decree also comes with a backing that prevents contact with the body, while allowing a good grip for drawing.

Considering looks, the holster’s distressed brown leather features black leather overlay. This gives the holster a two-tone look that is very attractive.

Even better, the company produces three versions of the Decree. The Standard Metal version contains all of the features of the carbon fiber version; however, it comes with an aluminum alloy inlay. The Decree Scroll also features an aluminum alloy inlay, but comes with intricate scrolling in the leather. This gives the Decree Scroll a beautiful look to empress anyone. Of course, carrying concealed often prevents this from happening, but those who do see it will be impressed. The Standard Metal and Scroll versions cost a bit more, but all three are available for a wide variety of handguns.

Versacarry Decree Holster

  • Carbon Fiber Inlay (Does not come in contact with handgun)
  • Non Collapsing Design
  • Triple Re-Enforced Belt Loops
  • Meticulous Detail and Craftsmanship
  • Handcrafted American Quality
  • Left or Right Hand Available
  • Available in Distressed Brown Leather with Black Leather Overlay
  • Sizes Available for Most Handguns
  • MSRP: $89.99

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