Like most, I spend time on social media. While I understand that most of the content is lacking validity, it is still a good place to keep up with friends and family. Also, it is a good place to view some crazy things, and since I have a lot of friends in the guns industry, bad firearms training gets shared quickly. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of bad training and advice all over the Internet.

Talk About Bad Firearms Training

Now, as an NRA certified instructor, I’m a firm believer in firearms training. Everyone who owns a gun should obtain at least some firearms safety training. It would be better if folks would add some home-defense training as well. Additionally, those who carry should really go beyond safety training take as many classes from certified trainers as possible.

However, regarding the training shown in these videos, all I can say is no, don’t do it. The amount of safety issues shown are staggering. There is no way I would be willing to walk in a firing circle. All it would take is one person to get out of step or get tunnel vision to turn this into a tragedy. The guy at the 10-second mark narrowly squeezes a shot off between the two men in front of him. Now some might argue that this would be considered “advanced” training, only performed by experts. However, what’s the point? Are these high-level operators who lives depend on one another? If not, there is no excuse for putting lives in danger.

In regard to the second video, I’m not really sure what to say. I’m guessing this is combining martial arts with guns, trying for a John Wick kind of thing. Don’t know about you, but I’ve never foreseen a situation where I would need to use my arms in this manner. If I can, I draw and fire. If I can’t, I use hand-to-hand techniques or create distance until I can draw and fire. Additionally, the guy sweeps his arm with the muzzle. Pull the trigger at the wrong time and he would never forget his Darwin award.

Obtain Good Training

I love training, both on my own and under qualified instructors. Over the years, I’ve met and learned from some of the best. Walt Rauch was a crotchety old cuss who taught me more in a day than I could fathom, and started me as a student of the gun. Since them, I’ve met numerous true firearms experts, including some at Gunsite.

However, there are a lot out there who really shouldn’t be teaching others about firearms. It is up to students to research instructors to ensure they are qualified. Also, if you come across instructors pawning off this kind of training, consider reporting them to both the state and the NRA. At the very least, film and post it online as an example of what not to do.

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