There are many times and places where carrying a weapon is not allowed. For those times, folks need to have empty-handed fighting skills, as shown by the young German woman who fought off two attackers with her hands and feet. Of course, there are a few lessons to be learned.

Young German Woman Attacked

To start, the woman was unaware of the man coming up behind her. She was distracted because she was talking on her phone. Phone calls are a normal occurrence in today’s world, but it is also one of the reasons she was targeted. Awareness is one of the most important factors to staying safe.

Because she was on the phone, the young woman didn’t hear the man approaching. Additionally, this allowed the man to strike her on the head with a bottle, which shattered. As stated in the video, breaking a bottle on a body part isn’t easy. In fact, it is down right difficult.

However, this young woman is tough, as this did not put her down. He then grabbed her from behind, beginning a struggle between the pair, as she wasn’t going quietly.

Empty-Handed Skills

According to the video, the young woman spent five years learning kickboxing. This, of course, is good, as she had some empty-handed skills. However, it looks like she needs to work more on rear-defense tactics. She tried kicking the man, but it didn’t work. It is at this point when another man comes down the stairs. The first thought is that he was coming to help, and he was. However, he wasn’t coming to help the woman.

In an instant, the young woman was facing multiple attackers — one from behind and another from the front. However, she didn’t give up. She kicked the second attacker, driving him away. This is when the attackers decided that whatever they had planned wasn’t worth the effort and fled.

The young woman fought off her attackers and wasn’t seriously hurt. This was due to her attitude and training, which was a great deal more than the standard self-defense classes often taught. In fact, this is a good example of why everyone should obtain self-defense training above a simple class. All gun owners should obtain firearms training, but they should also learn empty-handed skills for when they can’t use a gun.

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