If you’ve ever been hunting, you know how hard it can be to bag game. Using a handgun only makes the task more challenging, but that’s what we’re all about. You have to earn your food. At the same time, you might need protection in the backwoods from other predators of the two- and four-legged variety. Thankfully, the firearms industry has plenty of options to cover every need, and we’ve rounded up some of the best revolvers and semi-autos hitting the market with the power to stop animals, big and small, in their tracks. Check out these hunting handguns.


Hunting Handguns Company Links

Browning Buck Mark Plus Camper UFX Suppressor Ready

Browning Buck Mark Plus Lite Flute UFX Suppressor Ready

Cimarron Bad Boy

Excel Arms Auto Mag

Janz Revolvers

Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm


Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 686/686 Plus

Taurus Model 692

Taurus Raging Hunter

Taylor’s & Co. Drifter

Traditions Rawhide Series

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