7-Eleven Clerk Shoots Robber

A 7-Eleven clerk stopped a robbery spree when he shot one of two suspects who figured the store would be an easy target. The shooting happened on Christmas Eve near Seventh Avenue and Indian School in Phoenix, Ariz.

According to FOX 10, two men walked into the convenience store around 2 a.m. The pair allegedly tried to rob the store, but the clerk pulled a handgun and shot one of the them. The other suspect, who police believe is a juvenile, fled and got away. Emergency personnel transported the injured robber to the local hospital. His injuries were not serious, and police plan on charging him once he is released from the hospital. However, the worst part is this was not the suspects first crime of the evening. Or even their second.

7-Eleven Clerk Stopped a Spree

Police believe that the arrested suspect, and his accomplice, had already robbed two stores shortly before walking into the third. In the first robbery, committed around 1:16 a.m., one of the suspects hit the clerk in the head with a gun before walking out with cash.

About a half hour later, the pair held up another store near Seventh Street and Bethany Home Road. No one was injured in that robbery. Once again, however, the pair left with money in hand.

Of course, the pair wasn’t expecting a 7-Eleven clerk to be armed and able to fight back. And that was their last mistake of the morning. It was, of course, a bad mistake, as not only was the pair foiled, one was both shot and arrested. Police will probably identify the younger suspect shortly, and then both will go to jail on armed robbery charges in a state that believes in punishment.

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