A gun rig is hard to hold up without a good belt. Now most folks think they can just use any ole belt, but it is really better to use one designed for carrying a gun, such as the Bravo Concealment Cinturon Gun Belt.

Bravo used high-quality scuba Nylon webbing to create a belt that ties concealed-carry components together. The company also paired that webbing with a steel alloy buckle that features a stainless-steel belt release. Shooters can even choose between two colors of buckle — brushed nickel or flat black. However, the webbing is only available in black, but other colors might be available soon.

The Cinturon measures 1.5-inches wide and .18-inches thick. This means the belt is the standard width for most holsters. It also means that the belt is thick enough to handle wherever a user carries. All together, these items make a belt that is comfortable and strong.

The belts are available in five sizes, fitting waists between 28- and 48-inches around. This, however, might be the biggest problem with these belts. Bravo only makes these belts with 20-inches of between the smallest and largest size. And Americans tend to be on the larger size of things.

Now, the Bravo Concealment Cinturon Gun Belt comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty that covers everything. This includes tears in the belt and damage to the buckle.

So whether shooters are looking for an everyday concealed-carry gun belt, or one that just looks cool at the range, the Cinturon fits the bill.

Bravo Concealment Cinturon Gun Belt Specs

  • Double Layer Nylon Webbing.
  • Alloy Belt Buckle.
  • Buckle Colors: Brushed Nickel or Black (oxide finish).
  • 1.50″ width.
  • .180″ thick.
  • MSRP: $54.99

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