Chicago Political Volunteer
(Photo by Facebook)

Political campaigns aren’t typically dangerous. However, someone shot a political volunteer while he was canvasing for Chicago alderman candidate Joseph Williams.

Maxwell Omowale Justice was on Facebook Live explaining how he was working for the campaign when shots rang out in the background.

“Maxwell had just shown up and he was handing out flyers as well and trying to get signatures,” said Erin Ellenbolt, Williams’ campaign manager, to the Chicago Tribune.

According to the police, the shooting happened around 1:45 p.m. Sunday in the 6600 block of South Marshfield Avenue. The police also reported that “shot-spotter” cameras count six shots at the time. Witnesses report that the shooter was wearing a red ski mask. The shooting happened Englewood, where gun violence is rampant.

“It’s what we’re fighting for, it’s the violence in Englewood and the violence in the 15th Ward that we’re trying to combat,” Ellenbolt said. “It’s made it personal for Joseph, I know that. He and Maxwell are incredibly close friends.”

Williams was also nearby, just few houses away, with his children when the incident happened. Police have not arrested anyone in regard to the shooting. However, Justice drove himself to the hospital after the shooting, where he was treated and released. He credited God on social media for protecting him. He also claimed this was not a random shooting in the same post.

Gun Control Laws Didn’t Protect Political Volunteer

Chicago is known for gun violence. In fact, this is a major issue throughout the Windy City. Additionally, Chicago lawmakers have long pushed gun control laws that limit citizens from obtaining and carrying guns for self defense. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to push for more, most recently asking the Illinois governor to sign SB337.

Of course, Chicago has one of the highest firearm murder rates in the country. On the same day as this incident, the Chicago Sun Times reports 22 people shot, with two dying from their injuries. Additionally, California proves that gun control laws don’t work, with the state’s firearm murder rate rising despite strict gun laws.

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