5 Handguns Under $600

The holidays are here, which means life is about to get busy and tiring. Gifts must be purchased and wrapped, and everyone in the family seems to have something going on. Also, since the stores are extra crowded, you’re constantly between yellow and orange regarding threat levels. So, it is easy to forget about yourself during this time. But, you shouldn’t. How about a handgun? Sounds like a little much, right? That’s why we assembled a list of handguns under $600 that have a plausible shot of making it under your tree.

Put one of these five handguns under $600 on your wish list. Or, buy one yourself for being good — no shame in that.

Handguns Under $600  — Canik TP9SF Elite

The Canik TP9SF Elite is a high-quality handgun. Factor in the price and this is a steal. The TP9SF comes with Warren Tactical sights, with the front sight featuring red and green fiber optics. It also features a match-grade barrel, loaded barrel indicator, striker-status indicator and a single-action trigger. This 9mm handgun also comes with a reversible magazine release, a Picatinny rail and two, 15-round magazines for only $459.

Read our full review on the TP9SF Elite. For more information, please visit CanikUSA.com.

5 Handguns Under $600, Canik TP9SF Elite

Handguns Under $600 — SIG P365

The highest price gun in this list comes from SIG Sauer, but it is worth the cost. SIG designed the P365 for all-year concealed carry. Additionally, the company figured out how to put 10+1 rounds of 9mm into a subcompact pistol with a flush-fil magazine. It comes standard with XRAY3 Day/Night sights and a clean, crisp trigger pull. Even better, SIG produces a line of lasers and lights specifically for this pistol that retails for $599.

Read our full review of the SIG P365. For more information, please visit SigSauer.com.

5 Handguns Under $600, SIG P365

Handguns Under $600 — Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0

When Smith & Wesson brought out the Shield, gun owners took notice. This single-stack, concealable 9mm came with great features at an affordable price. Then, the company improved the design with the Shield M2.0. This upgraded gun features aggressive grip texturing and a crisper and light trigger. It also has a better grip angle for a more natural point of aim, and no-trigger-pull disassembly. Shooters can find this pistol for $479.

Read our full review on the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0. For more information, please visit Smith-Wesson.com.

5 Handguns Under $600, M&P9 Shield M2.0

Handguns Under $600 — Taurus TH 9C

Taurus makes good, affordable handguns, and the TH 9C is no exception. The TH 9C is light and compact. However, it still holds up to 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition. This SA/DA compact handgun features Novak front and rear sights, both of which are drift adjustable, polymer grips and a manual safety. This gun is basically Taurus’s reinvention of the old SA/DA hammer pistols of the 80s. Pick one up for only $359. For more information, please visit TaurusUSA.com.

5 Handguns Under $600, Taurus TH9C

Handguns Under $600 — Ruger Security-9

For just a few dollars more, shooters can pick up a different mid-size pistol, which Ruger calls the Security-9. For this gun, Ruger used a Secure Action hammer, which makes the gun easier to rack than many striker-fired handguns. It also comes with both front and rear cocking serrations for easier manipulations. The dove-tailed sights are fixed on the front and drift-adjustable on the rear. It also features a glass-filled nylon frame, full-length guide rails and two 15-round magazines for just $379.

See our first look at the Security-9. For more information, please visit Ruger.com.

5 Handguns Under $600, Ruger Security-9

Anyone of these five handguns under $600 would make a great gift for your gun enthusiast. Or you can just make a gift for yourself that you know you would like.

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