Have you every wondered about going off the grid? If so, how do you think you would perform such a feat? Jerry Miculek decided to use a .460 Magnum revolver.

Miculek is well known in shooting circles, as one of the fastest and most proficient professional shooters in the world, particularly with revolvers. In fact, he has broken numerous world records. He also runs his own production company producing firearm safety and training videos. His most recent video, however, breaks from the norm for a little bit of fun. Miculek decided to go off the grid by destroying his iPhone with a .460 Magnum revolver.

In the video, Miculek uses his Smith & Wesson Performance Center .460 Magnum revolver to fulfill his New Year’s resolution. It’s hard to tell the distance in the video, and Miculek doesn’t say, but there is no doubt that this is on par with Miculek’s skills. In fact, Miculek hit the extremely narrow device with a 200-grain Hornady round. And he did it with a single shot.

The Man Behind the .460 Magnum Revolver

Jerry Miculek was born in Texas, but grew up in Louisiana. Of course, he became a shooter at a very early age. However, he first became a millwright for a chemical company before blasting into the shooting world as professional in 1989.

Since then, Miculek has become a shooting legend, winning more than 100 championships and holding 19 world records. A few of his accomplishments include six shots from a revolver in 1.03 seconds and emptying a six-shot revolver, reloading and emptying it again in 2.99 seconds. He has even put eight shots into four targets (two each) in only 1.06 seconds. His latest feat, in 2017, was putting 10 shots into three targets at 15 feet in 1.59 seconds. For this, he used a Smith & Wesson M&P rifle.

Miculek continues to compete and design firearms. In fact, he has put his name to numerous Smith & Wesson firearms during his career. Additionally, he has turned competitive shooting into a family affair. Both his wife and daughter are respected shooters in their own rights.

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