Moms Demand Action Expert
(Photo by Paul Rackley)

A lot of groups oppose firearm ownership by the general public. Of course, few put it out there that they want to ban guns. Instead, most claim to be about gun safety. However, it is hard to take many of these groups seriously when they don’t actually know anything about guns or safety. A good example is the Moms Demand Action expert who held a pistol by the muzzle during a safety presentation in Idaho.

According to the Lewiston Tribune, Marcia Banta, the Moms Demand Action “expert,” has a concealed-carry permit. She is also a member of BeSmart, a group that teaches safety to gun owners with children. In fact, Banta helped bring the program to the Lewiston area because she feels it provides some good safety tips.

“Deliberately, there is nothing in this program that says you shouldn’t have a gun,” said Banta. “As a matter of fact, we are speaking much to people who do own guns. I am confident there is no one in this valley who sells guns that wants those guns to harm children.”

However, those teaching firearms safety to the public really should actually know firearms safety. And holding a gun by the muzzle isn’t proper firearm safety. In fact, this instructor broke the numerous firearm safety rules with her actions. Even worse, some of the attendees might actually believe this is good gun handling.

What the Moms Demand Action Expert Needs to Learn

Firearm safety rules are fairly simple and common sense. However, it doesn’t seem as if this lady understands even the basics. She is promoting responsible gun handling and storage by pointing a gun at her own hand. So, the gun isn’t pointed in a safe direction, nor is she treating it like a loaded weapon, which breaks rules No. 1. and No. 2. She does keep her finger off the trigger, at least in this photo, but that is probably because her finger can’t reach the trigger in this position. Regarding rule No. 4, there is no actual target, but it is probably safe to assume that she waved this gun around pointing it at numerous bystanders.

Now according to the Lewiston Tribune story, Banta is holding a pellet gun. However, that doesn’t matter, particularly since the presentation is about safe gun handling. This is not safe gun handling, even with a pellet gun.

Those interested in learning firearms safety should really find a certified trainer, and ignore what anti-gun groups put out as safe. Most have no knowledge of firearms or their use.

However, every gun owner should obtain training, especially those who carry concealed. There is so much more to self defense than just accuracy.

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