Walker Defense Research NERO Tactical Muzzle Brake
(Photo by Walker Defense Research)

There are a lot of muzzle brakes on the market. However, few look like the Walker Defense Research NERO Tactical Muzzle Brake.

Walker 3-D prints the NERO Tactical Muzzle Brake from a nickel-chromium superalloy called Inconel. The idea was to create a muzzle brake with no equal; one that turns the recoil of an AR-15 into a slight push with zero muzzle rise. In fact, the company threw out all standard designs to come up with a brake that is unique.

This brake definitely looks different. In fact, it looks more like a rake with without tines than a muzzle brake. However, the design pushes gas exiting the barrel in a way to keep the muzzle steady. This allows shooters to more quickly get back on target, whether in competition, fun or an situation.

The NERO comes with a Black Cat PVD-coated finish and one crush washer. It also features 1/2×28 TPI threads, which means it will fit most standard AR-15s.

Currently, Walker produces these to fit 5.56mm/.223 Rem. rifles. However, they are in development of a brake for 7.62mm/.308 Win. rifles. The company already has a waiting list.

Based in Mesa, Ariz., believes in innovation. In fact, it’s the company’s entire focus; providing shooters with innovative tactical accessories and firearm components. Considering its first product, along with what’s coming right behind, gun owner might want to give Walker a look. There is no telling what might follow using 3-D metal printing.

Walker Defense Research NERO Tactical Muzzle Brake

  • Reduce Recoil
  • Minimize Muzzle Climb
  • Manage Felt Concussion Relative to Traditional Muzzle Brakes
  • Compatibility: AR-15 | IWI Tavor (in 5.56mm)
  • Threads: 1/2×28
  • Calibers: 5.56x45mm NATO; .223 Remington; .224 Valkyrie
  • Material: Inconel
  • Coating: Black Cat Tactical PVD Coating by Vergason Technology, Inc.
  • Serialized for Quality Control
  • 1 Crush Washer Included
  • MSRP: $179.99

For more information about the NERO Tactical Muzzle Brake, please visit walkerdr.com.

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