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Many shooters prefer Speer ammunition and components. However, some of the company’s products can be difficult to find, particularly .44 Special loads and components. So, some shooters will be happy to hear that they can now buy Speer Ammo online straight from the company.

“This is a place where our customers can buy specialized Speer products, such as 44 Special, 327 Federal Magnum and 32 Auto, that many retailers tend not to carry consistently” said Speer Senior Marketing Director Jason Nash. “For fans of Speer and its law enforcement leading Gold Dot technology, there is now another way to find their favorite product.”

Additionally, Speer’s website offers information about the company’s ammunition in an easy-to-use format. It also provides information on reloading, training, load data and product specifications. Users can even search by product number or filter by usage, caliber and bullet style. This allows quick access to details about Speer products, including its Gold Dot ammunition line.

Shooters can also purchase Speer’s latest handloading book — Handloading Manual No. 15 — as well as Speer hats for those who want to show off their loyalty. Even better, purchasers can both read and write product reviews to learn more and help others.

Buying Speer Ammo Online

In addition to offering its high-quality products online, the Speer shopping cart features free shipping on all orders of $50 and more shipped to the same address. However, this free shipping is before any before promotions, discounts and taxes are applied. Promotions and discounts will be applied at checkout. Orders below $50 will have an $8 shipping and handling fee.

Now all orders will be shipped via UPS Ground. And, of course, shipping times will vary, but the company claims most orders will be shipped within 10 business days. So, those interested in purchasing Speer ammo online can typically receive them within a month, even those hard to find loads and components, such as .44 Special, .25 Auto and .32 Auto.

For more information about buying Speer ammo online, please visit speer-ammo.com.

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