Tulsa Resident Shoots Intruders
(Photo by Tulsa Police Department)

Early Friday morning, a Tulsa resident awoke to gunfire. He immediately grabbed his gun and found intruders inside his apartment. Upon this discovery, he fired on the burglars, who fled at the shots. Unfortunately, that’s when the resident found his dog shot to death.

According to Tulsa World, police received reports of shots fired at an apartment complex around 4 a.m. As police were responding, dispatchers also received a call from a resident of the same complex saying he had shot an intruder. When they arrived, police discovered signs of forced entry and found a blood trail leading away from the apartment.

Intruders Tulsa Resident Shot Found at Hospital

With no witnesses, police had little to on in the investigation. However, that’s when they received a report of a gunshot victim at Saint Francis Hospital. Officers arrived in time to detain two men and one woman who drove the victim to the hospital. During the interviews, the unidentified woman told police she drove the three men to the complex. At that point she waited for them, two of which she claims were armed, as they went inside. Shortly later they came back to the car. However, one had been shot, so they drove to the hospital.

Tulsa police arrested Case Vermaire and Trevor George in the Tulsa County Jail on robbery with a firearm and first-degree burglary charges. The judge set bail at $70,000 each. Police have not identified the wounded man, who remains in serious condition.

According to Vermaire, the group had gone to the apartment complex to purchase marijuana. However, the trio quickly progressed to robbery. Vermaire didn’t say why.

Now it doesn’t say specifically who shot the dog. However, it is implied that the intruders awoke the Tulsa resident by shooting the dog.

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