Wisconsin Open Carry Advocate
(Photo by Madison Police Department)

While walking down the street with a friend, a Wisconsin open carry advocate had his handgun snatched from its holster. The incident happened in Madison on State Street, according to Madison.com.

The suspect, Melvin Bogus, allegedly confronted a man legally carrying a long gun, two handguns and a large knife openly. Bogus supposedly asked the gun owner “Why you wanna kill people?” The open carry advocate responded that it was for protection and because it was his right.

Police say that’s when Bogus walked up and forcibly yanked one of the handguns from the man’s holster. He then pointed it at the unidentified victim. In response, the open carry advocate then aimed his long gun at Bogus, creating a short, tense situation. However, Bogus then took off with the handgun. Luckily, neither fired any shots.

After police arrived, they talked to the open-carry advocate and determined the situation. Shortly later, police found Bogus, who is well known to officers in the area. They arrested him on second degree reckless endangerment, theft, possession of firearm by felon, possession of cocaine and bail jumping charges.

“The friend said the victim, a gun advocate, wanted to make a statement about the right to bear arms and had been on busy State Street a couple of times practicing open carry,” said Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain

While the victim hadn’t broken any laws, officers discussed the seriousness of carrying firearms openly. Officers particularly expressed concern about reactions to the number of firearms the man was carrying.

State Street is a popular hangout area. In fact, the pair had traveled to the are to meet girls.

Open Carry Advocate Should Carry Concealed

Many states, including Wisconsin, allow open carry. Lots of gun owners also consider open carry to be statement of rights. Over the years, numerous open carry demonstrations have taken place throughout the country. Folks like these are combining two powerful amendments of the Bill of Rights. However, even though it is legal, this is a major example of why folks should consider concealed carry.

If a bad guy can’t see a gun, then he won’t know he can snatch that gun. Also, bad people tend to target those who carry openly. It actually makes sense. If someone is committing a crime, the most likely person to step in is the one with a handgun on the hip. So, taking out that person increases the chances of success. Stay safe and aware, and leave open carry for when it makes sense in gun rights demonstrations.

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