Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Elite
(Photo by Can Can Concealment)

It is just as important for a woman to carry a gun as a man. In fact, it might be more important, as men typically have more physical strength. A handgun is a great equalizer. However, carrying a gun in a purse is not the best method, and most women don’t like carrying via methods designed by and for men. Enter the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Elite.

Considered a body compression holster, the Hip Hugger Elite comes from a company started by a woman looking for a good holster. When she couldn’t find one to suit her needs, she used her design and sewing skills to make one. Since then, the company has developed a number of holsters designed for women, mostly based around belly band styles. However, the folks at Can Can Concealment didn’t completely forget about men, as they also produce a sport belt holster for both men and women on the go.

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Elite Features

The Hip Hugger Elite features 5-inch high military-grade elastic, which both holds guns in place and trims hips. The elastic also makes this unit comfortable for all day wearing underneath pants. It is even double-edged with silicon non-slip Tacti-Grip to keep it from slipping. A row of hook and eye closures provide a secure but comfortable fit. The most interesting features, however, are the pockets designed to hold both guns and gear.

The Hip Hugger Elite holds up to two revolvers or pistols, along with spare magazines. It even includes rare earth magnets to aid gun retention while sitting and bending, as well as holster tabs for safe and easy re-holstering. It also comes with a zipper pocket for valuables, a key fob and an extra hook and loop pocket. All these provide room for keys, phones and even cash, keeping everyday carry items, including a gun, safe and close at hand. These holsters are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, with measurements based on inches where the legs meet the torso.

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