The G19 is arguably Glock‘s most popular model. Pound-for-pound, most Glock fans would have to agree with that statement. For those G19 aficionados, the just-announced Glock 48 is likely going to please.

The Glock 48 is a slim line 9mm pistol touting a 10+1 capacity. Very close to the popular G19 in length and height, the G48 stands apart by being almost .25 inches thinner. Think of it as a slimmer G19. Another visible difference is the two-tone color, which strays from Glock’s typical all black.

The G48 is extremely comfortable in the hands and makes an exceptional concealed carry gun. With a longer sight radius that the other Glock slim line guns, the G48 is a great addition to Glock’s already impressive collection.

Watch our complete look at the new Glock 48 in the video above. For more information, please visit

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