Florida Commissioner Shoots Suspect
(Photo by Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Another Florida commissioner used a gun to stop an alleged criminal. This one, however, will probably not face charges, as the suspect had entered Palmetto city commissioner Brian Williams’ home while fleeing from police.

Fox News reports that police tried to stop Avelino Misreal Vasquez-Perez for suspicion of impaired driving. However, Vasquez-Perez fled in his car, eventually crashing into a home. Then, Vasquez-Perez took off on foot, along with a passenger. Police apprehended the passenger shortly, but Vasquez-Perez got away.

He ended up climbing Williams’ fence and sneaking into his garage. Williams confronted Vasquez-Perez in his garage while he was trying to obtain access to the house. Vasquez-Perez tried pushing his way past Williams, but the Florida commissioner had a handgun, which he fired. Emergency personnel transported Vasquez-Perez to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. He faces numerous charges, including resisting arrest, burglary and battery, along with traffic citations. Williams wasn’t harmed in the incident, and was quite glad no one was seriously injured.

“I am glad that everything turned out the way it did,” said Williams. “I guess he is doing OK and we are happy and glad that no one in my family was hurt.”

No Murder Charges for This Florida Commissioner

Over the past year, numerous stand your ground cases have come out of the Sunshine State. Some were justified, but some were not. However, pretty much every one of them made the news. And while politicians are not immune from being attacked, it seems like it happens a lot down in Florida recently. In fact, just a couple of months ago, Florida commissioner Michael Dunn shot and killed a suspected shoplifter. The surveillance video in the incident shocked many people, and contributed to Dunn being charged with murder. Dunn still claims self defense.

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