Galco Paragon Holster
(Photo by Galco Gunleather)

Over the last few years, a lot of shooters have come to like inside the waistband appendix holsters. These shooters claim that having a gun in the front is comfortable and convenient. And while this method of carry brings up emotions from other shooters, companies continue to introduce products to suit their customers’ needs, such as the Galco Paragon. However, shooters can use this IWB in all kinds of ways.

Galco designed the Paragon to work anywhere on the waistline. This includes both strong-side and crossdraw, and, of course, the controversial appendix carry. It can even be carried in the small of the back, though that style has been dropping some in popularity in recent years.

The Paragon features a Kydex body, which offers comfortable carry, fast draw and easy return to holster. It also comes with dual tuckable belt clips, which provide for easy adjustment for both height and cant. In fact, these are Galco’s patent-pending polymer UniClip, and are located at the ore and aft of the gun body. However, Galco’s Ultimate Stealth clips are available as an optional purchase for those who prefer even deeper concealment. It also features twin tension units that allow easy adjustment of both the retention and draw stroke. So, shooters can pretty much adjust everything on this holster to suit their needs.

This holster even comes with sweat guards, as well as an optional claw-type stabilizing wing for those gun carriers who prefer it.

Currently, the Paragon is available for select Glock and Smith & Wesson pistols for $79. However, the company will probably introduce fits for other handguns later.

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