Houston Man Defends Home
(Photo by KPRC)

Over the weekend, a group of armed men allegedly charged into the home of a Houston man. He stood his ground against these invaders in self defense, winning a gunfight against multiple attackers.

While early reports varied on whether it was four or five invaders, it was later confirmed that five attackers were involved. In any case, the resident shot and killed at least three, wounding either one or two others.

A witness, who was sitting on his porch, says that the men arrived a little before 1 a.m. However, the witness fled into his home before hearing numerous gunshots.

Police claim that the men tried to force their way into the home, possibly in a robbery attempt. However, the resident met the group with a gun and exchanged up to 70 shots with the attackers. One died in the front yard of the home, while two others fled in a vehicle. However, the pair didn’t get far, as police found one dead in the vehicle and the other collapsed about a block further. Emergency personnel transported that one to the hospital where he died. The other attackers were also transported to the hospital. There is no word on their condition. However, police continue to investigate, including interviewing the resident who stood up against these alleged attackers.

Houston Man Has Skills or Got Very Lucky

While police are calling this a home robbery, it seems more like an invasion. The witness claims at least some of the men were carrying rifles, which aren’t typically the chosen weapon for a robbery. Additionally, this guy was extremely lucky to be awake when they hit or he knew something was going to happen. He was also lucky, as well as pretty skilled, to to come out ahead against multiple attackers. Most people are going to lose against numerous armed attackers late at night in a blitz attack.

Regardless of whether or not this was a robbery, this Houston man had every right to defend his home by any legal method. So, as long as he could legally own a firearm, he probably won’t be charged.

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