Illinois gun bills, Savage rifles
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Anti-gun politicians continue their attacks on the Second Amendment in the Land of Lincoln. This time they are aiming at semi-auto firearms and social media accounts of gun owners through two Illinois gun bills.

State Sen. Julie A. Morrison introduced SB 107, which would ban semi-auto rifles and shotguns that have certain features. These cosmetic features include muzzle brakes, pistol grips and adjustable stocks. Additionally, this bill targets pistols containing similar features. Morrison has stated she actually wants a nation-wide “assault” weapon ban, but is settling for one in Illinois.

“For too long, our federal government has failed to act on a number of important gun safety measures,” Morrison said in a statement. “While a renewal of the federal assault weapons ban would be the most effective solution, we can no longer delay action. In speaking with many of my colleagues as well as gun owners, a statewide assault weapons ban would create needed clarity instead of a patchwork of regulations from municipality to municipality.”

SB 107 does provide a grandfather clause for semi-auto firearms already in possession. However, owners would have to register these firearms with the Illinois State Police. They would also have to pay a $25 fee for each gun. Those found in possession of unregistered semi-auto firearms would face a Class 3 felony.

In HB 888, gun owners would be required to provide access to personal social media accounts when applying for a Firearm Owners Identification Card.

Overreaching With Illinois Gun Bills

Many believe that these Illinois gun bills travel quickly into government overreach. In fact, Illinois state Sen. Jason Plummer has already come out saying both are Orwellian.

“It’s shocking that big-government liberals think the people of Illinois would be OK with granting government agencies the ability to snoop through their social media platforms,” Sen. Plummer said to the Illinois Review.  “This ‘Orwellian’ mindset is frightening and something that all Americans, regardless of their partisan affiliation, should be on guard against. In America we care about individual rights and privacy.”

Civil liberty groups have also entered the fray. In fact, the ACLU has stated that government, employers, schools, etc., requiring access to social media accounts “constitute a grievous invasion of privacy.”

It is not often that gun rights advocates and the ACLU join forces, but it has happened before. In fact, the ACLU filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of an NRA lawsuit against the state of New York. Privacy rights, even when mixed with gun rights, make for strange bedfellows.

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