A jewelry store owner in Pasadena won when two robbers brought a knife to a gunfight.

According to KTLA, two men walked into Jean Boujekian’s jewelry store and asked to look at Rolex watches. Boujekian was suspicious of the pair, so he asked for identification. The pair didn’t seem interested in showing ID, but continued to look at the watches. Then, one of them allegedly told Boujekian and his nephew to give them the watches and then pulled a knife.

“All of a sudden, this guy pulls a knife out of his pocket, and he lunges at me,” said Boujekian. “I blocked the knife. Luckily, I didn’t get any scratches.”

Now the robbers quickly realized that they had made a mistake when the nephew came up with a handgun. The pair immediately ran, even though the nephew didn’t fire any shots. KTLA reported that he told police that he never had a clear shot at the robbers. Police are still looking for the suspects in this armed robbery.

Jewelry Store Owner Was Ready

Now there is not a whole lot to break down in this case, at least as far as being critical. Boujekian had good instincts when he refused to pull out high-end watches unless they showed ID. The nephew also had excellent instincts; he eased over to where they hid the store’s gun and stayed ready. In fact, there are a couple of times when it looks like the nephew’s hand is straying toward that gun.

Now the most interesting part, however, is how casually the robber pulls out the knife. He reaches into his pocket, draws the knife and almost strolls toward the jewelry store owner. It can only be assumed that fear would rule the day, and Boujekian would just hand over a big batch of Rolexes.

That, of course, wasn’t the case, as Boujekian blocked the knife while the nephew grabbed the gun. Additionally, the nephew showed restraint and levelheadedness when he didn’t pull the trigger. Not only had the robbers fled the moment the gun was revealed, his uncle was in the way. It is just too bad that the pair got away, as their lack of knowledge of could get someone, including themselves, hurt or killed.

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