Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun
(Photo by Kel-Tec)

Kel-Tec brought bull-pup shotguns back into the mainstream with the KSG. However, this shotgun weighed around 11 pounds fully loaded. It was heavy and bulky, but could be loaded for anything. So, the company lightened the load somewhat with the Kel-Tec KS7 shotgun.

With this design, Kel-Tec has produced a shotgun that is slimmer and lighter, but is still compact for close-quarter engagements. It also comes with a simpler design, as well as a number of improvement. As such, the gun is much more convenient to handle for many shooters.

Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun Features

Kel Tec’s always-impressive innovation is evident throughout the KS7. To start, the shotgun features a single tube magazine, which eliminates the magazine selector. It still comes with its 18.5-inch barrel and 26.1-inch overall length. However, this reduces the number of available rounds down to six 3-inch shells from the 12 held by the double tubes of the KSG. One additional load can be added to the KS7 if using 2 3/4-inch shells; the double-tubes of the KSG hold one extra shell each.

It also comes with a channel sight and a triangular fiber optic in the front. Both are integrated into the handle. The channel sight provides rapid target  acquisition, while the fiber-optic bead allows more precise aiming. This, of course, is needed for putting slugs on target. Kel-Tec also contoured the pump handle for ergonomics and to keep the hand in place during rapid firing.

The KS7 ships with a cylinder bore choke designed specifically for self defense. However, it can be used for other purposes. Additionally, this non-NFA-regulated gun can be obtained for less money than the grand needed for the KSG, and it looks like Kel-Tec has learned from past mistakes. The company has already produced thousands of these shotguns, meaning they are available now.

Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun

  • Cailber: 12 gauge, 3″
  • Action: Pump
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Overall Length: 26.1″
  • Length of Pull: 13″
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs. (unloaded)
  • Capacity: 6+1
  • MSRP: $495

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